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Good morning. I am just letting you know that I responded to the below, and the Employer interviewed me. They sent me a ticket and I'm flying to Saudi today. The Resort is in Al Kabor. Thank you, I'm looking forward to a good contract.

Dear Bev Rosin, I hope you are safe, The Current situation with the pandemic Covid 19 did really affect my business, I have lost almost everything. As I have to keep it up and move on in life I have decided to work for a good organisation. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the valuable assistance you’ve given to me, The SpaStaff platform and team members have generously shared their expertise and experience with me - I have used it many years ago and I truly appreciate the support and the networking contacts you have given me during this time also - I’ll let you know what happens. Please let’s keep in touch – I’d be happy to provide a glowing reference or evaluation for you should you ever need one. Have a blissful time ahead Be safe !!! Best regards, Rahul Anand Tanaji CEO Tanaji Wellness and Grooming
Rahul Anand Tanaji

What a great time to be alive to share this testimony. So it was 2016 when I chose to enroll to be a professional beauty therapist. I would spend so much time on the internet researching about somatology and I just found myself within the link. I went ahead and registered myself as a job seeker though I was not qualified as yet, I had just started studying. I was very new to this online profile registration but I did it anyway and team still approved my CV and i had access to always update my profile anytime I would achieve a new skill. Year 2018 I obtained my Skincare Therapy qualification, I updated my CV and still used it to apply for somatology jobs in my country South Africa. While I waited patiently, June 2019 an Employer from Oman Muscat who is registered on as an employer viewed my CV and I matched with my employer's needs. I still E-mailed the team to confirm if my Employer is really registered with them. So with team my dream came true without any fee, I wouldn't have done it on my own. It was by grace to have found the heaven on earth website. Many Many Thanks. Professional Makeup Artist & Skincare Therapist - From South Africa
Tsepiso Mphuthing

Thank your for your time to read and approve my application. I also looking forward in seeing great responds, and congratulation for the platform you all working for, it is very much professional, connecting one of the best workforce on the market, thanks.

I just wanted to give a huge thank you , to They have been incredible , they have sent me some wonderful positions to apply for and I start a new position on a Cruise Ship, this week thanks to all their help and support. I would highly recommend, to anyone. Thank you Yours sincerely Kathryn Broadbent
Kathryn Broadbent

Spa Staff is a good platform . It helped me to source the right and professional candidates for my new Beauty Centre from different nationalities . This is contributing to our successful start-up.
Shaikha Rashed

I just want to thank the staff, specifically Miranda at Set with the daunting task to find a large volume of well qualified spa employees in a short amount of time, the success of our interview day was largely due to this site. Easy to use, with different options on how to connect with candidtes (seeking out staff while also placing ads), and best of all a prolific number of QUALIFIED candidates; teamed with the excellent support (does Miranda just sit at her computer waiting for dolts like me to send her an S.O.S ?), I will be using this site in the future for more hiring sessions and have no hesitation in recommending to anyone seeking the crème de la crème of spa employees. Thanks team!
Nicola Barton, Owner/Operator Cast-A-Way Cruise and Resort Hiring Agency

I have been using your website for a while its been the fourth time I renewed my credits. Its been most helpful.
Maryam Alfahad

Thank you for this fantastic idea of creating this online professional hub of expertise! is an absolute treasure chest of resumes! Luthan, being tucked away in a not-so-familiar territory , having access to a cache such as Spa staff is indeed very helpful. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and thank you for the value your site has brought Luthan. Last but not the least we appreciate and value your superior customer service. Sincerly LORRAINE COUTINHO Executive Director LUTHAN HOTEL & SPA Riyadh, KSA

Dear Miranda Greetings to you and the whole spa.staff team. First of all, let me take this opportunity to thank this site for the job I got right now.I signed up to this site August 2014. I sent applications to several job listings and not long after I got a positive response from a Bermudian salon. To make the story short, after a year and the hardship of processing my documents in the Philippines, here I am now working in Bermuda! I couldn't actually believe that I can come and work here, things just sank in with me when I actually started working here. Let me tell you this, Bermuda is the best place to work and I am very happy and thankful to spa.staff that I keep advertising it to my friends in the spa and salon industry. I have a work permit here in Bermuda, everything has been taken care of by my employer. Thank you so much for your valuable time in updating with my current status, I greatly appreciate it. I wish you and everyone on the team more blessings and more success to all that has signed up with spa staff. Kind regards Maria Theresa Franco
Maria Theresa Franco

We use spa staff because the candidates are good quality, the cv is clear and we can control the costs and search for people in our own time. We use it more and more as it’s the most cost effective way to recruit and our candidates give us good feedback about their experience of spa staff.
Sughra Khaliq

Good morning, just to thank you so much because I ve got a position as a spa manager in Abu Dhabi thanks to your website ;-) Thank you so so much Kind regards Isabelle

Hie ! Very impressed with your website and how user friendly it is ! Having used other websites of late, i have to say, this has been the best ! Thanks all ! Joseph Kumbula
Joseph Kumbula

Spa Staff is the best ! Excellent worldwide opportunities well organized website and very helpful team Many thanks Estelle
Estelle St John

Dear Miranda, Greetings. I just wanted to inform you that we have received a lot of CVs from Spa Staff since I subscribed. And we have succeeded in finalising the recruiting of the spa team members – some candidates coming from Spa Staff. At this stage I do not need to buy more credits but I want you to know that I am very satisfied with your website, the option offered in terms of number and variety of candidates and very much with the guidance and service you personally rendered over the phone and via emails. I thank you for this and wish you very well With my kindest regards Farida
Farida Brouwer

I'm so thankful for your site because I'm now in Abu Dhabi and having a great job and its all happened because of your website. My employer contacted me having seen my CV on your website. Thank you so much again!!! More powers to you and your team.
CJ Matthew

"I think is a great option to look for new opportunities on the international Spa market. I was especially impressed with their standard of personal service, both updating my CV and also with the individual contact with Miranda Allard, CEO. Often within the internet "playground" it feels like people only see applicants as numbers, but I was very positively surprised about Miranda's nice email conversation with me."
Andrea M. Bohlheim, Spa management & development

Thank you for approving my CV. I was surprised when I got your mail, I can't believe it's a real person sending me a message and not an automated response like all the other job sites. This is wonderful! You make me feel special. Thank you!
Charity Makabenta

I've been meaning to add to your testimonial page as I wanted to say what a great system you have at Spa Staff. As a consultant of long standing on numerous spa projects I am always in need of exceptional staff from Spa Directors down. I always come back to Spa Staff where Miranda has endless patience and perseverence! I am always immensley grateful for such dedication to finding the perfect candidate and saving much time in the process.Many thanks.
Jean Oliver Spa Consultancy

I just want to thank you so much for your help, truly appreciate it! This is such a great foundation for people like me wanting to be in the spa business. Cheers to you and your team!
Krista Pages

Thank you VERY MUCH again for offering me another very precious opportunity. Now I can put a live CV on and it will make the spa employers, whoever is interested in me, to find me easily, and through it I will definitly move on myself to a higher level on my career, thereby reach the goal in my life. Looking back over the past 7 years since 2003, and with your great help I got many job offers from around the world from England to Dubai, from Dubai to Germany, Hongkong... And all the opportunities you found for me were in top spas of the world. Especialy you introduced me to work in Six Senses Spa in Dubai, it furthered my career to a height from where I was recognized by more and more spa employers. Myself from a common spa therapist step by step growing up to a Specialist Practitioner, Spa Massage Trainer and in 2009 I even got a position as Assistant Spa Director in Fairmont Hotel Beijing and now I am back in North East China, Da Qing city, to set up and be in charge of the spa and fitness center of Sheraton Hotel Daqing. I'm very clear about that without your help it would have been very difficult for me to have reached all of above. Many of my friends asked me the same question "How much did you pay to", I told them that I paid to Miranda 0 cent... That was unbelievable, patiently, without any remuneration you offered me many opportunities. But, it happened. In China a person as you are whoever helped peopel changed their life turn to a good order we call him/her GUI REN. Miranda, You are my GUI REN in my life. I wish you and with good fortune to become more successful. I hope many more spa employees with your help will reach the high ground of their career as I have done!
Jason Wu Bbaosong, Spa Manager, China

The service delivered to Polished Spa by Spa is the most professional in the field that I have experienced. Their ability to match the client's requirements with the candidates' skills/achievements results in a small but very relevant selection of candidates. They are extremely thorough and their follow-through and support throughout the recruitment process is always exemplary. I have recruited our spa manager and head therapist from Spa Staff and I am very pleased with the results. Working with Spa means dealing with very professional people, access to high caliber candidates, no time wasting and overall, a pleasant experience. To the new digital century of online recruitment matching cvs with jobs.
Najla Essa - Founder & CEO, Polished Spa, UAE

I am very pleased to find your web page and being part of Spa You helped me so much for the job seeking and offer for my new job. I am really recommending Spa to all the candidates who like to seek for job in spa industry. I have also recommended my friends to join with you so they can find jobs more easily and with no cost for getting agent.
Gusti, Spa Manager (Indonesian)

"I know SpaStaff since many years and have frequently contacted them during my recruiting phases to find suitable candidates for various positions for our spa management company. Always very successful. Most recently I contacted Spa Staff as I required an unusual position to be filled so I opted for their platinum service. They took trouble to understand my needs and I received only appropriate CVs which I found to be of a very high standard. I subsequently employed an ideal candidate. The service provided was excellent, most efficient and cost effective. I would certainly recommend Spa Staff!"
Renate Hermes, Group Spa Director, Duniye Spas in The Maldives

Dear Miranda, I've been on your web. I LIKE IT A LOT!!! Many congratulations on developing such great idea.
Operations Executive for 5* Spa Group

Miranda and her team are wonderful. They offer a personalised service to ensure the right person fits the right position, and the whole process was straightforward and a pleasure to follow. I am happy to highly recommend them!'
Spa Manager, Maldives

I couldn't be happier with the service Spa Staff offers. They found me the perfect job in the perfect location and made the whole process a pleasure!
Frances, PA and Spa Coordinator, The Maldives

I first came across by chance. It was a very lucky guess for me that there was such a web site! Back in 2003 I was looking to further my therapy career after working at a Health Farm in Buckinghamshire for the previous 2 years. I was particularly looking to move into the 5* industry and was flexible with travelling within the UK. Miranda pointed me in the direction of the Starwood property 'Westin Turnberry Golfing Resort' in Ayrshire, Scotland. Here I furthered my therapy career for almost 4years. Once I had reached my full potential in this post, I decided to contact SpaStaff again to help with my next move. I was interested in moving back to London and again Miranda very precise in organising an interview at another 5* property, 'The Spa at Mandarin Oriental' in London. 'Spa Conciegre' became the next position in my Spa career. 2 years later I was promoted to Spa 'Guest Relations Coordinator'. I am still working for the Mandarin Oriental however now in a Managerial role within one of our Residences. have had a significant part to play in the direction my Spa career has taken. I would highly recommend their professionalism, quality personalised service and their ability to minimise the pressure when looking for a new job.
Laura MacMillan, 'The Spa at Mandarin Oriental'

Throughout the last eight years Spa Staff has given me the opportunity to develop and shape a career that has gained me valuable five star experiences working within prestigious establishments worldwide. For my first overseas position I worked as a therapist for the Orient Express La Residencia in Mallorca, a leading luxury five star Hotel and Spa which attracts a high profile and celebrity client base. I furthered my travels to Antigua in the West Indies where I worked at Blue Spa (Carlisle Bay), part of the Gordon Campbell Grey Hotels offering treatments to clients from all over the world. Spa Staff are renowned throughout the leisure recruitment industry. They provide an efficient and successful service which supports therapists and establishments recruiting new staff. During my travels, Spa Staff have greatly influenced the career path I have taken, offering positions in exclusive resorts and ensuring they provide professional and personal support throughout. As a Manager myself, now of Beauty A La Carte Fortnum and Mason, I have no hesitation in using Spa Staff to recruit new employees. I wish them every success for the future.
Sarah Brown, Manager, Beauty A La Carte Fortnum and Mason

It was in 2005 when I first contacted in order to get relevant contacts to international employers / owners for a Job in Spain. Within the first second of our first meeting in London I was deeply impressed about the professional way recruitment can be and - above all - deeply impressed how easy it is to find the right job in a short period of time. So it is all about people caring for somebody using the right contacts within a professional network. And this is what Miranda Allard did and still is doing. Now, a couple of years later, I am the managing director of one of the best hotel spa & health resorts of Europe and a recruiter myself. I strongly believe that the time has come for an even better and more modern way to do recruitment. The online approach of Miranda Allard's is the new way forward to speed up the process for both employers and job seekers. I will support her way of online recruitment and I also will use this service for my company of the Quellenhotel & Spa
Gernot Deutsch, MD Quellenhotel & Spa, Austria

Finding Spa on the internet felt like I have found an Island in between an ocean with full of resources and lives. I matched with my employer's needs and signed a new job contract. The website is amazing and is very easy to use. Thank you so much to all Spa team
Mohan, Senior Therapist, Nigeria

Thank you very much for your valuable advice and the information.
Spa Manager, Hilton, New Delhi

I am really happy that I decided to choose your layout for my Beauty CV now local employer's can see what I look like especially with my picture in the left hand corner!
Hannah, Beauty Therapist

Really it is my wonderful experience after visiting your very useful web-site and the way you are guiding me. I never never got such valuable guidance from any other job site so far in my professional career.
Senior Therapist, India

I am really excited about using your service as I see there a loads of positions in exciting destinations. I was looking for opportunities in Bermuda and just Googled Spa Jobs in Bermuda and up came a link to Spa Staff. That's how I came across your website. I look forward to your assistance with my career.
Maseobi - Spa Therapist, South Africa

Dear Julie Thanks for all the attention you have given me. Because I really want one step further in my work, I searched for work on the web, I found this site and saw that it really is interesting and the quality support you provide, which really puts focus on the person and not just a browser, so I apply and hopefully with God's help and Spa Staff you can make this happen.
Mayra, Job Seeker from Guatemala


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